At the Floral Event Company, we believe the most important part of your special event is the memories you create and the momentos you keep.

So often, we spend the time leading up to our special occasions stressing over every detail. We try to do everything ourselves. We want everything to be perfect because we know that in the end, the pictures we take will be the lasting keepsakes of our big day.


We started the Floral Event Company to relieve you of these pressures. We are a local, family-owned business, dedicated to creating a beautiful space for your special moments; a space that doesn’t require anything from you other than showing up and enjoying your time.  We cover everything - we create the flower wall, we set it up for you, and we are there to take it down when the party’s over so you can cherish every last moment.


We pride ourselves on individually handcrafted walls and every artist works on each wall from concept to design. Every silk flower is handpicked and hand placed.