Frequently Asked Questions

-What is included in the rental price?

Our pricing includes the cost of the decor, the setup, and the takedown. There are absolutely no surprises when it comes to the cost of our walls.

-Am I charged per hour?

Absolutely not! Our decor is the price you are quoted and there are never any surprises.


-Do you charge a delivery fee?

Our free delivery service envelops a large portion of Boise proper, Eagle, and Meridian.


-Do I get a discount if I only need a flower wall for a few hours?

No. Our decor never participates in back-to-back or same-day events. Each design is reserved 24-hours prior to your special day, and 24-hours following, to ensure that each client receives the highest level of quality. 


-How soon in advance should I book?

If the wall you want is available, it’s yours. However, we recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure you get the wall you desire. If you are wanting a custom design, you will want to book a consultation as soon as possible.


-Do I need to know what venue I am using before I book?

No. There are only a few venues we cannot deliver to due to space (our walls are quite large and not every venue can accommodate them). Please contact us and we will be happy to go over the details of your booking with you.


-Can I cancel my rental if my venue cannot accommodate the wall?

We verify that your venue can accommodate our walls. Cancellations are on a case by case basis. We do not do refunds as we turn other clients away while your decor is reserved.


-Can I change my decor once I book?

We pride ourselves on helping to make your celebration amazing. If the decor you want is available, we will accommodate you.


-Can I change my date once I book?

Again, we pride ourselves on helping to make your celebration amazing. If the decor you want is available, we will accommodate you.


-Can I book more than one wall?

Yes! We have packages available. For specifics, contact us.


-Which venues do you work with?

This list is forever growing. If you have questions about your specific venue please contact us.


-What do I do with the decor after my celebration?

That’s the beauty of The Floral Event Company. Few people need a flower wall or custom decor after their special occasion. We create the design, set-up, take-down, and take-away the decor. You won’t need a moving truck, space to store it, people to carry it, or a caretaker for it after your celebration ends. We take care of everything for you. This also helps to make us an environmentally conscientious company; as we reduce, reuse, and recycle our designs.


-How do I pay?

We take all major forms of payment. Are you ready to book? Please contact us.


-What is the best way to contact The Floral Event Company?

We know that planning your celebration is a priority and also difficult to do while you’re working, so we make it easy. You can get in touch with us, whether it be Call, Text, or Email, and we will respond as soon as possible. Just let us know the best time to contact you.


-I really like the wall I am seeing online. How do I make sure I get the same quality at my event?

The wall you see online is the wall you will actually receive. We do this to ensure you are happy with the way the wall photographs. This also allows you to see the different colors of each flower and how they will complement your event decor.


-How do I know that these are quality silk flowers if I haven’t seen the entire wall in person?

When an artist meets with you, you will have the opportunity to view sample materials used in the creation of our walls.